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    I like to share the story that goes with my photo. I think it adds a personal touch and could help us all get to know each other a little bit. If you want a place to include a story in the description of your photo so we can get some good conversations st...  more
  • 75 members led by Eli Johnson
    A group for string wearers of all ages who love being seen and sexy
  • 124 members led by sun buns
    A group for all the MS ladies who enjoy this naughty style of 'butt bling', whether in private or while lounging out in your Malibu Strings!
  • 20 members led by Karla Y
    For Malibu Strings fans along the Gulf Coast. Group members not limited to the Gulf Coast, but putting togeather a group that could attend meet and greets from time to time along the Gulf. Membership is limited to Couples and Single Ladies!
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    Hello from the DJ Booth!
    We will talk about the music we play, the parties, the events & why we TRULY LOVE what we do!
    Take you on a musical journey. Club music, house music, tech house, EDM, R&B & sexy beats to set the mood.
    DJ Nips & Dominic Anthony
    w...  more
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    I decided to start a group where all my fans can come to post requests and follow me down this path of fun artistic photos.
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    Hello, I'm Raven Swallowz and I'm a happily married, adult model. I've been modeling for over 25 years and posting my photos and videos on the internet for over 10 years. Even though I pose for a lot of bikini, lingerie and themed style photos, my explici...  more
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    Who has or loves women who have enhanced their Malibu Strings with piercings?
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    Whats better than sexy bikini's ????

    Sexy bikinis's in heels, or maybe just heels !!
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    Just an everyday girl from northern Louisiana.

    I wanted to form a group to keep in touch with my loyal followers.
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